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IP due diligence is an integral process in assessing the worth of a target’s business’ IP portfolio.

The intrinsic worth of an IP portfolio includes monetary value, as well as the viability and future potential of the IP portfolio. The worth of an IP portfolio is also affected by considerations such as whether the target company is in the midst of IP litigation. Regardless of the outcomes of the IP litigation suit, the worth of the IP portfolio will be affected accordingly.

IP due diligence is relevant to companies who are considering:

  • Acquiring or licensing the IP assets of a target company
  • Merging and investing with a target company
  • Facilitating franchise agreements with a target company

IP due diligence helps companies make informed decisions by knowing whether:

  • There are any complications with regards to the true ownership of the IP rights of the target company
  • The IP is still valid
  • The transfer of the IP rights is exclusive
  • Any or some IP assets of the target company are being used as security for their IP financing

Our IP and Corporate team can help clients conduct an IP due diligence prior to conducting negotiations with the target company, and advise on steps to mitigate against threats of negligence and any potentially disappointing outcomes.

We can assist you with gathering large data of information about the target company in order to reveal the true value of the intangible IP assets of the target company. We structure and organise the information gathered to perform a comprehensive and detailed analysis. We conduct the IP due diligence by examining the strength, scope and enforceability of the IP as well as the rights attaching to the IP. Through conducting the IP due diligence, we are able to ascertain the approximate value of an IP portfolio which you are targeting and guide your decision-making as to your next course of action.

Our team of lawyers and professionals are forward thinking and anticipative. In conducting the IP due diligence, we analyse the future potential that can be derived from the IP and conduct risk assessments for the IP. We ensure that clients are able to make fully informed decisions that can protect and grow their businesses.

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