Brands are important. Brands define a company in the minds of their customers. Companies that own – and protect – successful brands outperform those that do not.

Among the various IP tools that can be used to protect brands, trademarks are the most commonly used, because they protect the visual and aural elements of the names and logos associated with a brand. Increasingly, other elements such as shape, sound, colour and even smell are protectable by trademarks. Trademarks are vital strategic tools for protecting and enhancing the value of your brand as they are valuable assets which can appreciate in value over time.

At Yusarn Audrey, we have an experienced and dedicated team of trademark lawyers and professionals with expertise in the trademark practice, including areas such as trademark registration, enforcement, opposition, due diligence, licensing, as well as domain names.

Our experience in a wide variety of trademark matters ensures that our clients’ needs in relation to their trademark and business are addressed. Our services include:

  • Preparing, filing, and maintaining trademark applications and registrations
  • Developing and enhancing enterprise trademark portfolios
  • Planning and execution of trademark strategy aligned to corporate objectives and goals

Through our international network of offices and partners, we can also help you protect your brands in all your key markets around the world. Consult us for advice on the best way to own and protect your brand.



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