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With the government’s recent initiatives to promote entrepreneurships and start-up companies, there is an increase in the importance and awareness of IP protection among young enterprises.

Our team at Yusarn Audrey recognises that start-ups face many challenges, including the cost of IP management and investing in IP. We are able to provide cost-effective and value maximising protection that help our start-up clients meet their needs.

Our services for start-ups include initial documentation such as the drafting of:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Incorporation documents

Innovation is at the core of start-ups. The various agreements will include elements that ensure your IP rights in these documents are adequately protected.

At Yusarn Audrey, we provide extensive advice relating to matters from the filing and protection of the different IP subsisting in the goods and services in your business, to the subsequent commercialisation of your IP such as technology licensing and spin-offs. We have also been involved in arranging seed funding agreements to ensure that the ventures undertaken by start-ups are commercially viable and sustainable.

In particular, we have acted for the commercialisation arm of a local university, advising them on the protection of their IP and ownership issues for their projects and spin-offs. Our involvement has helped translate research and development efforts into effective productisation and commercialisation.

If you are a start-up and are looking to capitalise your IP, speak to us for more information.



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