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At Yusarn Audrey, we understand the importance of comprehensive employment contracts that safeguard both employers’ and employees’ interests.

We help our clients draft and review all aspects of their employment contracts, including issues relating to appointment, data protection and non-compete provisions, termination clauses, and parties’ rights and duties under the contract. We also advise on related issues such as Central Provident Fund (CPF) and taxation matters. For instance, we have advised a large consumer technology company in the Philippines with their employment issues, providing pointed and thorough strategies and solutions to improve their business.

Our firm’s Litigation & Dispute Resolution department is also well versed and experienced in dealing with contentious employment issues such as contractual disputes arising out of employment contracts, enforcement of non-compete clauses and confidential agreements, as well as actions against employees for breach of fiduciary duties and theft of confidential information and intellectual property. With specialists experienced in both non-contentious as well as contentious aspects of employment, we provide our clients with all-rounded advice and solutions.

Apart from the typical employment contracts, our firm also handles Service Agreement related matters. Service Agreements are commonly used when a company outsources its services to an external party such as an independent contractor. Our firm provides holistic advice on issues ranging from parties’ rights and obligations to crucial issues such as ownership of IP under the Agreement.

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