You can choose how to work with us. We are happy to address specific needs like having a patent filed, a contract prepared, a trademark registered, or a dispute resolved. We have a team of highly skilled lawyers, patent agents and technical experts to cover every IP service you require.

We are able to protect and enforce your IP rights, and help you structure and close business transactions in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand through our regional offices, in Europe through our cooperation partner firm Bardehle Pagenberg, and across the world through our extensive international network of associates.

For our clients who wish to take the next step, and acquire the ability to deal with IP as a strategic business asset, we provide a full suite of strategic IP services. With a broad range of tools and a clear understanding of how to use them, we make strategic IP management possible.

To understand more about how we can help you address your needs, please refer to the list of our practices, or choose one of the following topics you are interested in and click through.

Our Practices

Corporate &Commercial Law
Litigation &Dispute Resolution
IP Strategy &Management

By Topics

Igniting Possibilities: IP Strategy & Management

Igniting Innovation: Patents & IP Strategy

Igniting Brands: Trademarks & IP Strategy

Igniting Enterprise: Commercialisation & IP Strategy

Igniting Solutions: Dispute Resolution/Litigation


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