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Trade secrets are extremely valuable assets to any business regardless of their size.

A business’ trade secrets usually include its IP and confidential information, which can include family recipes or even an algorithm.

If strategically managed and protected, trade secrets provide businesses with a competitive edge over their competitors. Unlike other intellectual property such as patents and trademarks, there are no registration processes for trade secrets.

As a leading IP law practice, Yusarn Audrey have a dedicated team of IP lawyers and strategists who are able to provide highly innovative solutions to meet your needs. Our vision from the very beginning has always been to create IP-savvy clients through educating them on the importance of protecting their trade secrets, and empowering them to use IP strategically.

We advise clients on how to protect their trade secrets – particularly, on ways that they can protect their IP from being stolen by third parties. Our corporate lawyers also assist with the drafting of agreements that can help our clients protect their trade secrets – for example, by drafting non-disclosure agreements and other restrictive covenants such as non-competition clauses.

If you run a business and have trade secrets you want to protect or wish to pass down to your successors-in-title, speak to us for advice on how to do so.



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