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IP is an important economic asset which can increase a business’s value, as well as enhance and sustain their competitive advantage.

Strategically managed IP enables a business to optimize the returns from IP through value capture and value creation. Businesses that have in place IP strategy and management have a competitive advantage over businesses that do not.

Proper management of IP enables a company to:

  • Protect their products and services
  • Stop others from using, making, selling or importing products covered by their IP
  • Earn revenue from licensing
  • Commercialise IP through strategic alliances
  • Use IP for raising capital and financing

Yusarn Audrey is a pioneer IP strategy and law firm in Singapore. Our team of IP lawyers and professionals understand and care about the complex connections between each individual patent, trademark, or contract and the success of our clients’ businesses. We are always kept up to date on the most important developments that may affect how our clients transact and manage their IP assets. To us, IP is not only seen as a legal and procedural matter.

We help our clients to integrate their research & development, IP strategy and legal functions into their financial and strategic planning. Our dedicated team of IP lawyers and professionals work closely with clients to address their specific needs. We are able to protect our clients’ IP rights and help them structure and close business transactions across the world through our extensive network of associates.

If your business derives significant value from its intangibles, you need to look at IP as a strategic business tool. Speak to us for advice if you want to know how and where you can start.



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