Guide to Strategic IP Management


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News on Yusarn Audrey

Channel News Asia 18 December 2011 ‘The Strategist Episode 1 Part 1’


Channel News Asia 18 December 2011 ‘The Strategist Episode 1 Part 2’


  Entrepreneurs’ Digest August/September 2012 ‘Yusarn Audrey Igniting Possibilities Cover Story’

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  Entrepreneurs’ Digest August/September 2012 ‘Enhancing business through harnessing the power of IP’

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SBF-led SME Committee (SMEC) sets up new Innovation Sub-committee


Here’s what Singaporeans need to know about design and IP protection

Source: Singapore Business Review. Reproduced with permission.

IP News

Courts OK Nortel patent sale to Apple/RIM group

Singapore, South Korea to boost intellectual property cooperation

Apple appeals patent suit loss to Samsung in Japan

Commitments on IP protection to have big impacts on businesses

St Regis loses Singapore tussle over brand name

Apple loses British appeal against Samsung ‘cool’ ruling

Owning ideas – Getting serious about patents

Apple pays Swiss rail $21mn over clock dispute

HTC and Apple reach global settlement

Companies get smart with IP strategies

China arrests 73 in fake luxury bag bust, shuts 37 illegal sites

Dunkin’ Donuts’ ‘Best Coffee in America’ trademark bid fails

Apple seeks to add more products to Samsung patent lawsuit

Apple bought rights to use lightning trademark from Harley Davidson

Ericsson sues Samsung in US for patent infringement

Microsoft win in patent dispute with Motorola

Judge rules ‘Haager-Dasz’ is trademark infringement

Nike fights for Liu Xiang trademark

Wi-LAN Sues RIM for Bluetooth Patent Infringement

Burger King sues Muscovite for trademark infringement

South Africa joins ranks of fastest growing IP filers for 2011

RIM licences Nokia technology to settle patent claim

China to crack down on ‘malicious’ trademark registrations

LG display looking for Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet ban due to patent infringement

China Court order Apple to pay copyright violation

Malaysian businesses in Indonesia urged to register trademarks

Nokia faces patent suit in China from Taiwanese Display Maker

Nike wins trademark cases in Supreme Court

Nipper the Dog trademark seen as most valuable HMV asset

Apple loses iPhone trademark dispute in Brazil

Under Armour sues Nike for infringement on ‘I Will’ trademark

Apple scores patent win against Samsung in Japan

Twitter gets a patent on Twitter

IPOS to invest S$65m to ramp up IP manpower, capabilities

Nestle wins battle for Kit Kat

Cadbury’s attempt to trademark Dairy Milk purple blocked

Park Regis denied trademark here