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In today’s knowledge-based economy, research & development that drives technological innovation is a fundamental aspect of every successful business.

An innovation strategy crystalises the innovation orientation of the company and its focus for the future. It seeks to align its customer’s current and future needs with key technological developments in the market.

Innovation and technology roadmaps are strategic tools which businesses can use to support the process of developing their innovation strategy and the course of its implementation.

Innovation and technology roadmap allows a company to have a visual representation of their strategic goals, providing a clear illustration of the objectives along a time axis in a graphical format. The visual impact enables the strategy to be communicated in a clear and concise manner to the various stakeholders such as the business owners, employees of the company and potential investors.

Innovation and technology roadmaps often involve IP. As an IP strategy and law firm, we are well equipped to help our clients with the development of their technology and innovation roadmaps. Our team of highly rated IP lawyers and strategists are valued by clients for their wealth of industry and insights in technology and innovation. Our depth of experience allows us to present highly workable and effective roadmaps, and advise clients strategically and creatively, from assisting with the ascertainment of the issues, to reviewing the roadmap upon completion.

We are able to assist and advise our clients with the different approaches to IP rights, how their IP assets can be managed and utilised now and in the future, and address potential concerns and issues with the strategies.

We identify our clients to recognise IP as a valuable intangible asset that can generate revenues, increase a company’s stock value, or be used as collateral or security. The market for trading in IP and the potential uses of IP are becoming ever more innovative and technology driven. Having an innovation and technology roadmap allows a business to surge forward in the market with the big picture and a strategic end goal in mind.

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