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Technology licensing and acquisition are essential as means of for IP exploitation, and the transfer of knowledge and IP. In today’s fast emerging knowledge-based economies, the prevailing model of IP collaboration is based on licensing and acquisition deals among the various participating stakeholders, which include IP rights holders and organisations.

Businesses can use technology licensing and acquisition to create value for their IP assets or collaborate and cooperate with other stakeholders to grow their businesses and fund their research & development efforts.

Technology and IP licensing & acquisitions deals involve potentially lengthy negotiations and reaching agreements on highly complex sets of terms.

As a law and IP strategy practice, we have deep experience working at the intersection of the law and technology to offer to our clients. Our IP lawyers and corporate lawyers have advised on technology acquisitions and licensing deals as well as structured and negotiated many technology-related deals for our clients.

Our clients’ interests are of extreme importance to us. We work closely with clients to establish their interests and guide them in building viable business models which involve the acquisition and licensing of technology and IP as well as leveraging on new technology platforms. Applying our extensive industry knowledge and legal expertise in this field, our team of IP lawyers and corporate lawyers are adept at drafting and implementing agreements of highly complex nature.

If your business is looking to license or acquire IP and technology, we are here for you in this process and always ready to assist you with your needs. Speak to us for advice on how to structure your licensing and acquisition deals.



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