Trademarks, logos and patents are not the only aspects of a company’s intellectual property.

Often times, a product’s unique design differentiates it from its competitors, making it more attractive and gives it added value from a business perspective.

The protection of designs is an integral part of any business strategy. However, design registration and protection is often overlooked by businesses. There are many interesting, novel and fancy designs in the market which are not registered or protected.

If your business uses a distinctive design that you wish to protect, you might want to consider registering the design. Design protection helps a company protect the shape, configuration, colour or pattern that is applied to their business product. The registration and protection of designs adds value to a business. Advantages include:

  • Ability to use the design exclusively
  • Preclude competitors from exploiting or copying the design,
  • Strengthening the business’ brand alongside the various IP rights,
  • Opportunity to license or sell the design to competitors.

We have an experienced team of IP lawyers and professionals who have vast experience in dealing with designs and design registrations. We can assist you in protecting your design, and in planning and executing your design strategy in line with your business and your product line. With our international network of associates, we are also able to help you protect your designs and brands in all your key markets around the world.

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