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Intangible assets, such as intellectual property, comprise a huge component of a firm’s capital value.

IP systems are inherently complex, and different processes apply to different types of transactions. As the IP system encompasses such a diverse range of legal, economy and strategic functions, the management of IP is increasingly gaining importance. IP policies have to be in place to address the complexity of the IP systems, and to provide coherency to the complexity of processes. Having strong and sound IP Governance is essential in managing IP to ensure the success, expansion and continuity of businesses.

IP Governance is the institutional set-up of a business regarding decision-making, implementation, consultation and accountability in relation to the use, management, and protection of company’s IP.

Companies can draw from a gamut of available IP tools including IP protection and strategy, IP management, IP Audit, IP due diligence, and IP litigation to implement IP Governance in their organization.

Due to IP Governance being an overarching principle, it requires both the involvement of a company’s top management to ensure the company has sound policies to govern IP, and cooperation between stakeholders.

At Yusarn Audrey, we are able to assist you with your company’s IP Governance needs, such as advising on the structure of your company’s IP Governance, what policies should be in place, and breaking down the various aspects of IP Governance to you in order for you to understand the many driving forces behind IP Governance. Our corporate team works seamlessly with our IP professionals to ensure that the best standards of legal insights and skills are provided to you to address your IP Governance needs.



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