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At Yusarn Audrey, we aim to empower and educate our clients with the necessary tools and knowledge which they require to manage, utilise and protect their IP efficiently and strategically.

Our IP Academy – the Yusarn Audrey Academy – seeks to accomplish just that. The Yusarn Audrey Academy was established as a platform to strengthen our ties with clients and to involve clients in the process of the management of their IP portfolios. We empower our clients to take control and ownership of their IP portfolios and to have a stake in creating the most value out of it.

The Academy conduct seminar sessions on topics focusing on IP as a multi-faceted discipline with various complex aspects to it, such as IP protection and strategy, IP technology and licensing, and IP financing. Participants and registrants can look forward to gaining insights into the field of IP law and its practice from renowned experts in their respective fields, experienced attorneys and senior consultants from our firm and our partner firms across the globe at the seminars. With the combined experience of our speakers spanning across decades, and their different areas of specialisation, we are certainly able to offer you valuable insights into the world of IP.

Through the Yusarn Audrey Academy, we seek to deepen our clients’ theoretical and practical knowledge of the various IP tools and strategies that they can employ in connection with their business strategy to strengthen and grow their business.



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