Patents protect inventions. A business that depends on technical innovations in their products, services or processes to compete will need to consider patents as part of their IP strategy.

There are many reasons why businesses patent their inventions, including having exclusive rights to use and exploit the patent for a period of time, being able to license or sell the invention, and creating a positive image for the enterprise, among other reasons. Companies, whether conglomerates or startups, are engaging in innovative activities to attain a competitive advantage over other businesses. Protecting IP rights is increasingly becoming a strategic necessity for businesses at all stages of growth.

Through our international network of offices and partners, we can help our clients protect their inventions. Our patent professionals cover the full range of technical expertise, including biotechnology, chemistry, electronics, telecommunications, IT, construction and mechanical inventions, and have played a huge role in the creation and protection of numerous patent portfolios in Singapore and worldwide.

At Yusarn Audrey, we ensure that our clients’ needs are addressed and their interests protected at every step of the way. Our dedicated team of patent professionals and attorneys have in-depth experience in offering clients valuable advice on how to protect their inventions strategically, assisting clients in filing for patents in Singapore and in other key markets in the world, drafting successful patent claims for highly complex inventions, and advising clients on more complicated matters such as the licensing of their patents.

Speak to us for advice on how to:

  • Protect your inventions effectively and efficiently in all your key markets
  • Manage and protect your patents to extract more value out of your IP portfolio

If your product innovation is based on aesthetics rather than utility, design registration may be more appropriate. Speak to us for advice on the most effective way to protect your innovation.



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