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Valuable IP assets are being increasingly utilized to secure growth financing for business expansion.

IP financing is about using IP assets to gain access to credit through leveraging these IP assets in exchange for finance. With IP financing, businesses are able to raise funds that can be channeled into the business’s Research & Development and IP protection efforts.

IP financing is becoming a common phenomenon where it is viewed as a realistic alternative to traditional forms of financing. Lending institutions around the world and in Singapore are also progressively more receptive to the idea of intangible assets being used as loan collaterals.

Many businesses face difficulties, such as IP valuation, in translating their portfolio of IP rights into a financing package.

At Yusarn Audrey, our IP lawyers and corporate lawyers are able to combine the most advanced legal expertise with an in-depth knowledge of the market in which our clients have businesses in. Our deep understanding of the law and the market in which the clients operate allows our team of professionals to come up with solutions for their financing needs. We offer valuable advice based on your business’s IP portfolio and cater our advice to suit your specific needs. We are able to guide you through the process of financing your IP.

Consult us for advice on the best way to enhance the value of your IP assets and obtain credit from it.



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