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Website domain names are essential to companies. Domain names contribute toward establishing and promoting a company’s identity on the internet.

It creates a first point of contact between the company and their potential customers. Registration of a company’s domain name allows the millions of internet users to find the company’s website on the internet.

Given the vast amount of content constantly flowing through the internet and the numerous sites that arise for any given search term, the registration of a company’s domain name might just give them the edge over their competitors.

While not a category of IP in itself, domain names interact with IP laws, especially trademarks. Arising from potential overlaps between domain names registration and trademark laws, there may be instances where domain names can also be protected under the trademark regime.

There are many types of domains – for example, domain names may be registered in top level domains (TLDs) or in country code top level domains (ccTLD), and which type of domain name is suitable depends on the nature, scope and reach of your business.

Depending on your company’s interests and position, our IP lawyers and professionals are able to offer valuable advice in terms of what type of domain name registration is suitable for your business. For instance, if the outreach of your business is international and global, then top level domains might be suitable.

We have a dedicated team of IP lawyers and professionals who possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of domain names. We have advised and assisted our clients on matters ranging from the registration of their domain names, to more complex matters such as conducting an IP Audit of our clients’ portfolio, which may include domain names.

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