Igniting Innovation: Patents & IP Strategy


Patents protect inventions. If your business depends on technical innovations in your products, services or processes to compete, you need to consider patents as part of your IP strategy.


Our patent professionals cover the full range of technical expertise, including biotechnology, chemistry, electronics, telecommunications, IT, construction and mechanical inventions.


Through an international network of associates, we can help you protect your inventions worldwide. Consult us for advice as to how to protect your inventions effectively and efficiently in all your key markets.


If your product innovation is based on aesthetics rather than utility, design registration may be more appropriate. Consult us for advice on the most effective way to protect your innovation.


Patents and designs are significant parts of your IP portfolio. Patent portfolios, especially, require careful planning and management to enhance and protect their value. Consult us for advice on how you can get more out of your IP portfolio.