Igniting Brand: Trademarks & IP Strategy


Brands are important. Companies that own – and protect – successful brands outperform those that don’t.


What is a brand? Many many things. At its heart, it is about defining who you are in the minds of your customers. How do you build a brand? Many many ways. You build your brand at every point at which your customer touches you, or you touch them. How do you protect and own a brand? There is really only one sure way. You need IP.


Among the various IP tools that can be used to protect brands, trademarks are most commonly used, because they protect the visual and aural elements of the names and logos associated with a brand. Increasingly, other elements such as shape, sound, colour and even smell are protectable by trademarks. Trademarks are vital strategic tools for protecting and enhancing the value of your brand.


We have an experienced team of trademark lawyers and professionals to assist you in planning and executing your trademark strategy.


Through our international network of associates, we can help you protect your brands in all your key markets around the world. Consult us for advice on the best way to own and protect your brand.