LESI and WIPO Sign Updated MOU to Support Education and Assistance on IP Commercialization

26 March 2021 – Signing of updated MOU

On 26 March 2021, LESI and WIPO signed an updated agreement on providing education and assistance to innovators and high-growth companies related to IP commercialization.

From our managing partner, founder, and LESI President Audrey Yap:

I am proud to lead this effort to strengthen LESI’s partnership with WIPO. From inception LESI has sought to facilitate through investment and resources the bringing of new tech to the marketplace to serve a variety of critical economic and social needs . Today this is all the more needed as we expand our joint efforts to respond to emerging issues for our members and stakeholders . Here’s to more licensing, deals & utilisation of IP around the world!

Please click the link to learn more: https://www.lesi.org/about/lesi-and-wipo-sign-updated-mou-to-support-education-and-assistance-on-ip-commercialization

WIPO Participants:

  • Mr. Daren Tang, Director General
  • Mr. Edward Kwakwa, Assistant Director General, Global Challenges and Partnerships Sector
  • Mr. Marco Aleman, Assistant Director General, IP and Innovation Ecosystem Sector
  • Mrs. Dalila Hamou, Director, External Relations Division
  • Mr. Guy Pessach, Director, IP for Business Division
  • Ms. Samar Shamoon, Director, News and Media Division
  • Chris Ruggerio, Senior Legal Officer, NGO and Industry Relations Section

LESI Participants:

  • Ms. Audrey Yap, LESI President
  • Mr. John Paul, LESI President-Elect (to assume office in May 2021)
  • Mr. Mattia Dalla Costa, LESI Counsel to the Board of Director & President LES Italy
  • Mr. Arnaud Michel, Co-Chair LESI External Relation
  • Mr. Dana Robert Colarulli, LESI Executive Director

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