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Michael Chin Quan (Senior Patent Consultant)
MEngSc(Environment Engineering)
Registered Australian and New Zealand Patent and Trade Marks Attorney



Michael is a Senior Patent Consultant of our firm. He obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (Mech) at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and a Masters in Engineering Science (Environmental Engineering) at the University of Melbourne.


After working as a Mechanical Engineer immediately after graduation from University, Michael joined an Australian patent attorney firm in 1982, and has continued to work within the patent profession since that time. Michael was also formerly a Principal of the oldest patent attorney firm in Australia.


Michael is registered as a patent and trade marks attorney in both Australia and New Zealand, and is a fellow of the Institute of Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys of Australia (IPTA Australia).


In his time within this profession, Michael has assisted clients based in Australia and overseas to obtain patent protection in Australia and internationally. Michael has filed and obtained patent grants for his clients in countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Europe, China, Japan and South Korea. Michael has worked with clients in a large range of engineering technologies including automotive fuel injection systems, vehicle suspension systems and advance composite component manufacturing systems. More recently, Michael has worked with Australian research institutions including Universities and Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) in a wide range of technologies including microfluidic and microengineering technology, medical diagnostic and treatment devices and systems, hearing aid technology, and laboratory test equipment.


Michael has also been actively involved in providing assistance and advice to clients seeking to enforce their intellectual property rights in Australia and overseas, as well as providing support for clients being threatened with legal action for patent infringement.


Michael has had a long-term interest during his career in the development of Intellectual Property laws within the Asian region and has studied and attended courses in Chinese, and Japanese intellectual property law. He has also been actively involved in the activities of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) including being an Australian representative within international copyright and trademark committees of that organization. It is this interest which has motivated Michael to work at our Singapore office.